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Ballymaloe trained Nikki Walsh aka Lady Eve, vision, was to run a cookery school from a place where she enjoyed cooking the most - at home.  A place where the whole day would revolve around preparing for the demo.  The location is in Donnybrook, Dublin 4 which is perfect for access.  The demos are designed to cover every aspect of cooking.  Almost without realizing it, the students cover a wide range of skilled simple cooking.  Lady Eve and her small great team run a series of demos throughout the year catering for all needs.

Nikki spent a year in Ballymaloe, she did the 12 week certificate course and stayed working in the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork City (owned by the Allens) and afterwards in the main house in Ballymaloe as pastry chef. Nikki then returned to Dublin and worked in a number of restaurants and catering companies.

Nikki got distracted from the food world and worked in the family pharmacy business for a number of years.  She exited the Pharmacy in 2011 and pursued her true passion - food.  In a nut shell, Nikki's utter passion is teaching how to cook delicious food, with the maximum of  taste in a cost effective and simple manner.

There is no such thing as waste in Lady Eve's kitchen!  Lady Eve is fast becoming known as 'The Frugal Chef'.   Nikki uses every morsel of food, in some form or another.  It is her ethos to use everything, including the plastic bags from cereal boxes, lemon and orange peel for kindling, freezing everything and anything possible.  If you don't thing it will freeze, it will!   Nikki has numerous tips about what to do with everything in your kitchen.  As we all know necessity is the mother of invention and this is how the Lady Eve brigade lives, breathes and teaches.   We would love you to come to a demo as seeing is believing!

A wed­ding, a grad­u­a­tion, a big bash!, family food, technical food, a communion, a confirmation, a busi­ness event.  What­ev­er the occasion Lady Eve has it sorted.  Her teaching methods are simple, clear, to the point and memorable. We all want to be in the pres­ence of great food, good wine and close friends.  Lady Eve delivers the teaching method so well.  She teaches with ease and comfort, in a way that’s un­for­get­table.   

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Courses start from €50.00 

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Irish Times October 2013

A kitchen that's earning its keep


"Nikki is a true professional - a consummate hostess, who warmly welcomes each guest and distills the art of cookery into bite size, digestible morsels for her clients. I have benefited greatly from all the tips, suggestions and advice Nikki has shared, to great applause on the home front."

Laragh Mc Neese - Dublin

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