Christmas with Aldi...

The last week at Lady Eve Cookery has been very exciting.   Aldi contracted me to host the full monty of the Christmas Feast.  Using the best of Aldi’s Irish ingredients.  The ever competitive supermarket has made Christmas very easy to produce.  The methods on the packaging are foul proof, stress free and simple.  

Aldi dressed the house with fabulous Christmas decorations and flowers.  They had a choir of 4, singing beautiful Christmas carols as guests arrived.  Their guests were from all area’s of media, from food journalists to bloggers to life style journalists.  I cooked the feast for 3 nights in a row, 3 turkeys, ham, beef, smoked salmon, vegetarian options, puddings, seafood platters, mince pies, whole duck, duck breasts, cheeses, fresh prawns, oysters, turkey parcels, profiteroles and every type of condiment. 

Talking turkey...

Working with the gang from Presence PR and the Aldi team has been a superb experience.  The house was transformed from a normal week in October to the perfect magical Christmas setting. 

It was without doubt the most enjoyable job I've ever done.  Using wonderful Irish ingredients.  I'd have no hesitation in recommending shopping in Aldi for Christmas.  Wonderful value and great ingredients.  

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