Last nights work...

Had the most gorgeous evening with two guests at Lady Eve Cookery.  The theme was Asian influence and instead of demo they came for supper.  It's the nicest thing in the world to have people around for supper.  Great chat, craic and company.  I cooked a delicious fragrant lamb curry, influenced from varies countries in Asia.  It's main ingredients are lamb, preserved lemons, fresh tomatoes and fennel bulb.  Light and healthy, but filling, and very tasty.  It makes you want more, and very kind to the hips!


Slow cooked lamb with fresh fennel, tomatoes and preserved lemons...


Serves 6

3lbs diced shoulder of lamb (buy from a good butcher, they'll do the dicing!)

75g desiccated coconut 

60g fresh ginger, peeled

8 cloves garlic

2 tbs double concentrate tomato puree

6 tsp coriander seed

Zest and juice of 1 lime

20g fresh turmeric, peeled

8 large vine tomatoes

hand full of baby vine tomatoes

250mls fresh single cream

2 fresh fennel bulbs

4 preserved lemons sliced finely

Freshly chopped coriander 

Olive oli and butter


1. Melt a little olive oil with a knob of butter in a pot.  Slice the onions finely, put into the pot with olive oil and butter.  Allow to cook with butter wrapper and lid slowly for about 10 minutes.

2.  In a food processor, put the garlic, coriander seeds, ginger, desiccated coconut, turmeric and whizz up as finely as you can.

3.  When the onions are soft and sweet, add the paste to the pot and cook without a lid for a minute or two, make sure to cook the garlic through.

4.  Chop up the vine tomatoes by hand or in the food processor.  Add to the pot along with the tomato puree.  Stir and bring to a simmer.

5.  Check the lamb and remove any excess fat (the butcher will have chopped up the lamb but you need to go through it to remove any extra fat).  

6.  Add the lamb to the pot along with the lime juice and zest.

7.  Bring back to a simmer and put in a low oven with a lid - about 160c for 2.5 hours.  This is the best way to cook the lamb to achieve a very tender bite.

8.  Half way through the cooking, add the sliced preserved lemons.

9.  In the mean time cook the fennel.  Slice up finely and in a shallow frying pan, no lid, toss the fennel in butter quickly over a high heat.  Season with salt and pepper.  Set aside until serving.

10.  When the lamb is cooked to tender, add the cream, stir through.

11.  Just before serving add the cooked fennel and baby tomatoes.  Heat through.  Do not replace the lid.

12.  Serve with onion seed rice and a sprinkling of coriander leaves over the meat.