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Lady Eve in your home


Lady Eve is delighted to come to your home and do a demo for you and your guests.  It's a really nice way of doing something different.  An education in your own home!  You will eat, drink and be merry as Lady Eve preforms her skills in front of you!



Easy Entertaining... so easy, you will be sitting and sipping with your guests!

Fabulous Desserts... Lady Eve's very best, tried and tested.  Mouth watering!

Fast, Easy and very Tasty... So great, so tasty, so fast!

Fishy Food... We live on an Island, we have the best fish, lets indulge in the underworld...

French Foodie... The very best traditional French sauces, best tips and secrets, no more curdling.

Kids Food... Nutritious and delicious edibles, you will have your kids eating out of the palm of your hand! 

Low carb no carb... but will be delicious!

Paleo... for those muscles!

Gluten free... lots of ingredients and taste!

One Pot Wonders.. you got to have a few to stir the pot...

Asian Influence... taste buds will jump and squeak! 

Mediterranean... fabulous colours and flavours...

Mexican and Italian combined... a wonderful way to combine two completely different countries.

The Forbidden Fruit (Formally, Single and Mingle)... great fun, you never know who you could meet over a hot pot!!  Exciting biting!

Sunday Lunch... The king of meals... Seafood starter, slow roast leg of lamb, roast ragged spuds, reduced red wine sauce, mint sauce, delicious veg, and the dessert... to be discussed! 

The Buffet...  Excellent for any big celebration, all done in advance, party on!

Basic Cookery Essentials... very good for beginners of all ages.

Breads... Such a great demo to do for all you bread lovers. 

Aga Cooking... Seriously good for aga owners or wanna be aga owners.  The right way to use the amazing machine! No showing off, just down to earth real Aga cooking.  Excellent.

Very Healthy and very Low Fat Deliciousness!...  

Family Meals... Really tasty, yummy yummy yummy for all ages!

Corporate Demo's... any of the above, just pick!


Looking forward to hearing from you!  The nights are great fun, educational and interactive.  

The important thing is you can choose the style and atmosphere of your private demo.  It can be as formal or informal as you like.   The price depends on the demo.  please send an email to the address below.